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Wind turbine trainer

Lotus Creative Innovations, LLC has just launched our first product, the Wind Turbine Trainer. This trainer is the first scaled down version of a real commercial wind turbine. The purpose of this trainer is not to produce energy (includes a 50v generator) but to teach the concepts of wind energy technology. This trainer comes as a kit form that students can start learning by building it from scratch. Each component such as the fully functional pitch and yaw system can be seperated and studied. The advanced level course work can include PLC programming, troubleshooting, and signals and analysis. Listed below are some of the major working components. For more information visit us at
Base mounting plate w/ locking swivel casters
4 foot plastic tower with bearing
Metal nacelle plate and see through cover
3 phase permanent magnet see through generator/gearbox combo
Hub w/ fully functioning pitch motors
Camera system for smart room capabilities