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#50 c/l connecting links

#50 riveted roller connecting links for #50 roller chain
Lynx hd series ansi standard tested tough
Solid roller: superior performance to split roller in high speed and high
shock load applications. allows smooth engagement at high speeds
Wide waist link plates: link plates are wider then standard, hindering elongation
and increasing fatigue resistance by approx 30%.
Precision heat treatment: Consistency in hardness is the key to consistency in performance.
lynx chain uses computer heat treatment.
Shot peened parts: link plates and rollers are shot peened after heat treatment, increasing
fatigue strength and alleviating stress concentrations.
Ball drifted link plates: eliminates taper from stamping process, increasing holding power
of link plates on pins and bushings.
Factory preloading: preloaded at the factory, reducing initial stretch and removing strains
Chain comes with at least one extra connecting link.
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