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Municipal grab claw

Municipal Grab Claw is approximately 6ft 5" long and comes with one extension rod which is 4' 7" long.
It is great for cleaning out water shut off boxes.
It has a quick action spring loaded design that dynamically adjusts to pipe sizes from 3"-12".
Design allows free movement of jaws to clamp and hold bricks, rocks, mud, toys, or most any object capable of entering pipe or manhole.
Extra extensions can be purchased to reach desired depth.
All extensions from other All Star Equipment Products are interchangable.
Product is rugged, easy to use, affordable, versatile, and lightweight.
The is used by plumbers, sewer and water departments, school districts, municipalities, all areas of maintenance.
American Water, O'Fallon Water and Sewer District, and Metropolitan Sewer District are amongst some of the companies that purchase the claw.
All Star Equipment sales is the Manufacturer of the tool and it is a division of All Star Pumping and Sewer Service based out of St. Louis, Missouri. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at (***)-544-5429.
" A life saving tool when your arm isn't quite long enough."

Municipal grab claw Municipal grab claw Municipal grab claw Municipal grab claw