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Konica minolta bizhub 7228 copier printer scan 176K

This 7228 has only 176K copies, very low usage.
Included with the Konica Minolta 7228
Domestic Intro Date: March 2004
IP-424 print controller (incls NIC)
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We are offering the Konica Minolta bizhub 7228. It comes complete as a 28-CPM digital copier, 28 ppm network laser printer and network scanner to email. The copier includes the Konica Minolta internal print controller with network interface card, Reversing Document Feeder, Duplex, two 500 sheet paper cassettes and Scanner. As equipped It sold for approximately $8,000. Konica and Minolta pooled their resources and developed this State of the Art copier the Konica Minolta bizhub 7228. It has been recently returned from lease and was under full maintenance lease agreement. We tested it and it is in excellent cosmetic and working condition, producing great copies. It has been completely tested to ensure that all functions and accessories are working perfectly including network testing on our test network using a Windows based operating system. Including testing for printing, scanning and collating.
The internal network print controller allows everyone connected in your network to print all their documents directly to the bizhub 7228 up to 600 x 600! The Konica Minolta bizhub 7228 is rated by its manufacturer to produce up to 100,000 copies per month with a total life cycle of about 2 million copies.
All the images in this listing are from one of our previous offerings.
The Konica Minolta bizhub 7228 produces crisp copies or printed documents directly from your PC Workstation at 600 x 600-dpi resolution. The toner has a yield of 30,000 copies. How s that for a low cost printing solution. Also included is the network interface card. This feature allows users to print up 28 ppm or scan their documents up to 65 ppm. What a great way to increase productivity right from the Konica Minolta bizhub 7228 to your networked PC.
The duplex unit will automatically process all your two sided document jobs with the press of a button or the click of a mouse. The copier includes two 500 sheet paper trays and one 50-sheet bypass tray providing for a total capacity of 1050 sheets of paper! The Konica Minolta bizhub 7228 large touch screen controls will assist the user through all the features of the copier and in need be with assistance through an easy to use help menu.
With all these features, and the above mentioned productivity power of the Konica Minolta bizhub 7228. This is an excellent opportunity to own a digital copier, networked printer, and document scanner from Konica Minolta, one of the industry's most respected and reliable manufacturers. You can own the bizhub 7282 for a fraction of the cost of new copier.
28 ppm output speed at true 600 x 600 dpi.
SIMITRI Polymerized Toner with ultra-fine particles achieves smoother halftones and superior image reproduction.
Out-of-the-box network connectivity for setup as a scanning station with Scan-to-E-mail (400 one-touch e-mails), Scan-to- FTP, Scan-to-HDD (with optional Hard Disk Drive) and Scan to PC (Server Message Block support).
Scan up to 65 scan-per-minute at 300 dpi resolution, or 45 scans-per-minute at 600 dpi.
High-speed fax option with advanced features including autodialing, memory transmission, F-code support and dual line capability.
Optional Internet faxing for fax transmission to E-mail addresses.
Enhanced Email directory integration with LDAP search compatibility.
Powerful, networkable desktop printing with optional embedded IP-424 Print Controller. Optional modular finishing capabilities for in-house print production, including booklet making, multi-position 50-sheet stapling and 2-hole/3-hole punching.
Expanded 4,550-sheet capacity for greater flexibility and long print/copy runs. Designed for the physically challenged with a large title panel, protrusions on the panel to guide users to buttons and paper drawers designed to be pulled out from the top or bottom for replenishment
Konica Minolta Business (China)
Std electronic sorting; up to 3 bins can be added to the FS-114 finisher; FS-114 finisher has 2-and/or 3-hole punch and and saddle stitching options
HDD Job Erase; Enhanced Password; Secure User Box Access; External Access Prohibited; Key Operator Authentication
Mac, Win 9.x, NT 4.0, 2000, Vista*
AMD ElanSC520/Info not avail/300
Mixed-size originals; watermark, page numbering, stamping, date/time; chapterization; frame and fold erase; non-image area erase; 2-, 4-or 8-in-1 mode; Opt paper-feed unit adds two 500-sheet drawers; opt 1,500-sheet LCT; the 7228 comes with a network interface card that allows for scan to e-mail, desktop and scan to FTP functionality standard; uses SimitriTM Polymerized Toner
Drawer base w/paper-feed unit: $1,380
Drawer base w/1,500-sheet LCT: $1,550
FS-114 finisher/Hole punch: $1,500/$500
Booklet kit (saddle stitch): $1,290
Stapling finisher/Bin kit: $2,850/$50
Exit tray/Internal exit tray: $100/$315
256-MB copier memory/Hard disk drive: $185/$850
Stand/Platen cover/Exit tray: $290/$125/$100
IP-424 print controller (incls NIC): $1,000
128-MB controller flash memory: $300

Konica minolta bizhub 7228 copier printer scan 176K Konica minolta bizhub 7228 copier printer scan 176K Konica minolta bizhub 7228 copier printer scan 176K Konica minolta bizhub 7228 copier printer scan 176K Konica minolta bizhub 7228 copier printer scan 176K