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Haws wall mounted ada drinking fountain

Item description for the drinking fountain...
Model H1109.8 electric drinking fountain provides 8 gph chilled water performance in an engineered stainless steel skin. and uses a patented stainless steel, push-button activated, valve assembly (Pat.# 6,981,692) allowing for front access stream adjustment as well as cartridge and strainer access. Outfitted with such protective features as vandal-resistant bubbler head, waste strainer, and bottom plate, this electric drinking fountain is quick to discourage vandals.
* 18 gauge Type 304 Stainless Steel construction and required specialized mounting frame offer a well constructed sturdy fountain.
* Grille slots are designed to eliminate sharp edges and are backed with a foam filter to protect the fan motor and high displacement compressor from debris. Designed to run at a low energy usage, this water cooler and fountain are assured to have a long lasting life.
* One piece rectangular bowl is designed for extra durability and maintenance ease. Rounded corners eliminate sharp edges to protect against mishaps once in place.
* Beautiful satin finish resists stains and corrosion.
Item description for remote water chiller...
The Haws model HCR8 remote chiller provides 8 gallons per hour of 50 F cold water to a wide variety of fountains. This model is rated at 115V, 60Hz, single phase, 5 amp service. It is constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel and its compact style can be concealed under a counter, between or within walls (check local codes) or high on a wall or column. Other uses could include pre-cooling of beverage dispensers, machine coolant cooling, and many other applications.
* Cooling capacity of 8 gph, 115V - 60Hz system with full load amps of 5, with a minimum 4" clearance on back side.
* Haws electric water coolers are certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61, Section 9, comply with ARI Standard 1010 and ANSI A117.1, and be listed by Underwriter Laboratories to U.S. and Canadian standards
Item description for mounting frame...
In-wall mounting frame, like the MTGFR.SM, provides the maximum support and facilitates for the installation of single height electric drinking fountains. Mounted during "rough-in" phase of construction, this mounting frame allows the "Hi-Lo" fountains to be easily and quickly installed.
* Heavy gauge galvanized steel construction provides a solid support system for these dual bubbler fountains that is not only sturdy but provides corrosion resistance as well.
* Wall opening size required is 14-1/8" wide, 32-1/8" high, and 12" deep.

Haws wall mounted ada drinking fountain Haws wall mounted ada drinking fountain Haws wall mounted ada drinking fountain