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Delta electronics model sng-1 stereo noise generator

Although a variety of noise generators are available, pricing and features vary widely. Many generators offer portability and low cost at the expense of accuracy. More expensive "laboratory" type noise generators offer high performance and more features, but are often beyond the budget of the broadcast or recording facility. The Delta Model SNG-1 Stereo Noise Generator offers a number of "laboratory" type features and noise weightings in a very affordable and compact package.
The Model SNG-1 provides true stereo white, pink and USASI noise spectra in either continuous or pulsed output modes. The output amplitude is controlled by either a front panel control, an external input, or an internal pulse generator. The external input amplitude modulates the noise output level, providing full user control over the noise output envelope. By varying the parameters of the external control signal, an unlimited variety of noise envelopes is possible. Alternately, the fixed internal pulse generator creates a stand-alone pulsed noise source which accurately simulates program dynamics.
The output select control provides seven versatile combinations of left and right channel noise for alignment and troubleshooting:
* STEREO: Independent, uncorrelated left and right channel noise outputs at closely matched levels.
* MONO: Left and right channel outputs are identical, providing main channel only output with no subchannel content.
* LEFT ONLY: Right channel off.
* RIGHT ONLY: Left channel off.
* NRSC: Left and right channels blended so that subchannel level is 3 dB below main channel, approximating the ratio found in program audio.
* L = -R: Left and right channels are identical but 180 out of phase. Provides subchannel only output with no main channel content. (Useful for audio processor null checks).
* CLIPPED: Right channel consists of positive noise peaks only, with negative peaks clipped. Similarly, left channel is negative peaks only with positive peaks clipped. (Useful for absolute phase checks and channel identification through long processor chains.)
The SNG-1 provides a number of uses in the studio environment. The rear panel XLR connectors facilitate frequency response and recorder head alignment tests, while the front panel tip-ring-sleeve jacks provide quick routing to any piece of equipment via studio patch bays. In multi-studio environments, assignment of the SNG-1 to a common distribution amplifier bus offers the selected noise to all studios. The SNG-1 speeds the completion of new studio facilities, serving as a pulsed noise standard for room reverberations and frequency response measurements. The unique "clipped" output quickly verifies signal paths as you check for phasing errors or channel reversals. The SNG-1 also makes audio processor adjustments easier and more precise; the USASI frequency response, combined with NRSC channel blending and the internal NRSC pulsed mode, provides repetitive bursts of noise. These bursts more accurately simulate program dynamics, spectral content and channel blending. This eliminates the hit-or-miss adjustments that result from using constantly changing program material.
* Selectable white, pink and USASI noise spectra
* Generates true stereo noise (uncorrelated)
* True balanced front and rear panel outputs
* Close Channel Tracking (better than 0.5 dB)
* External input offers unlimited noise envelopes
* Outputs can drive either 600 or 50 Ohms
* Meets FCC/NRSC and Canadian D.O.C. requirements
For more information on this product, please visit the Delta Electronics website.
Unit is minor mark on case front edge, visible in photo. Good clean unit. Used in a lab/factory environment. Lower 48 states only.

Delta electronics model sng-1 stereo noise generator Delta electronics model sng-1 stereo noise generator Delta electronics model sng-1 stereo noise generator