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Concrete preparation tool for 17" floor machines

The Diamabrush patented, metallic blade is the first of six steps, to a rejuvenated concrete floor. A 100 diamond grit is bonded to metallic backing and assembled to flexible, spring-steel blade. The flexible blade allows the diamond to remain in constant contact with the floor, maximizing the tools effectiveness.
New diamond particles are continuously exposed, retaining sharp edges throughout the life of the tool.
Need to re-coat an epoxy concrete floor? This tool abrades existing epoxy floors, effectively preparing it for the re-coat application.
A perfect Do-It-Yourself tool.
Item# 901601221 16 Concrete Tool 100 Grit CW $546.20
The Patent Pending Concrete Prep Tool is designed with replaceable blades,which enable users to order a replacement kit and easily change used or worn blades, minimizing downtime. Simply loosen two screws and replace.
Concrete Metal Blade 100 16 ZCONBLD100R16 $400.00
Concrete Metal Blade 100 9 ZCONBLD100R9 $225.00

Concrete preparation tool for 17