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sargent satin chrome trim pack model TR8265-LW1L

TR8265-LW1 - Escutcheon and Lever Trim pack for 8200 Series Mortise Lock
Fantastic Satin Chrome Finish (26D)
Full Model number is # TR 8265 R LW1L 26D
* Escutcheon with exposed screws inside
* Complete trim sets include spindles, trim pack assemblies, instruction sheets, and templates
* This trim pack is for 8265 function
* Lockbodies and cylinders not included
See picture for detailed information about the set - photo taken of the box with all information on the set.
All the units I have for sale are for RIGHT-HANDED doors.
*** PLEASE NOTE - This item is the TRIM PACK ONLY for the 8265 lock. Trim pack includes the parts listed above but does not include the mortise locking mechanism itself. This package would be used to upgrade or replace your current Sargent 8265 lock trim. ***
This trim pack retails for more than $180.
Additional detail below about the 8265 Lock Series
Model 8265 LW1L Privacy Function Lock - Interior Privacy Lock
Built tough for Commercial, Educational, or Institutional Installations
Features of the 8265 Lock system:
Lever/Knob outside retracts latchbolt except when locked by thumb turn inside
Lever/Knob inside retracts latchbolt and unlocks outside lever/knob
Emergency Release locks/unlocks lever/knob outside - by coin, screw driver or key 14-0057 ordered separately.
Thumb turn locks and unlocks lever/knob outside
Closing the door will unlock lever/knob outside
Features and Benefits of the 8200 Mortise Lock Series:
Ideal for offices, schools & hospitals
Non-handed stainless steel guardbolt, non-handed stainless steel latchbolt with 3/4 in. throw
Stainless steel deadbolt with 1 in. projection
Replaceable hubs and spring cartridge for long cycle life
All lever and knob trims are thru-bolted for increased security and durability
Latchbolt retracted by either trim unless outside trim is locked by toggle in lock front
Guardbolt deadlocks latchbolt
New lock easily differentiated from previous versions latch anti-friction pad is now black
Interchangeable features with the previous version include: Trim, templates and door prep
1" throw-hardened stainless steel deadbolt
Strengthened cylinder retainer provides 2 times the resistance against vandalism and unauthorized entry
One-piece latchbolt head has 1/3 more contact surface providing increased strength
30 to 50 times stronger than other ANSI/BHMA Security Grade 1 commercial mortise locks
- Cycle tests to 6X BHMA Grade 1 specifications - 6 million cycles and still counting!
Exceeds Detention Requirements Impact Level 1 for deadbolt functions - over 900 blows!
- Exceeds Detention Impact Level 3 for latchbolt only function - nearly 300 blows!
Multiple-function lockbodies make the 8200 more versatile for large institutions to stock
1 lockbody accommodates 9 different functions
Lock is easily re-handed without opening the lock case
12 standard architectural grade finishes, including new US15 satin nickel
18 new functions for a total of 58 functions
Installation time reduced by up to 40%!
Pictorial instruction sheets
Pre-assembled components make installation literally fool-proof
- Any high abuse applications that demand the strongest lock on the block!

 sargent satin chrome trim pack model TR8265-LW1L  sargent satin chrome trim pack model TR8265-LW1L