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Stanford research PS350/01(2) w/19" rackmount system

Stanford Research PS350/01 High Voltage Programmable
Power Supply (2) Two w/19" Rackmount System
NIST CAL/CERT 90 Day Warranty w/Manual
Please review item Description & Condition
MANUFACTURER'S Specifications:
The PS300 Series High Voltage Power Supplies - rugged, compact, reliable instruments for just about any high voltage application.
The PS350 is a dual-polarity, 25 W supply. It is arc and short-circuit protected with separate programmable hard and soft current limits, making it possible to use as constant current source. Two large LED displays monitor the output voltage and current being delivered to your load. Overload reset, limit and trip status, local/remote state, and high voltage enable are also displayed, so you can monitor the instrument status at a glance. A highly visible red LED always indicates when the high voltage is on. GPIB is available as an option(01). All parameters can be set and read via the computer interfaces. A rear-panel analog input allows the high voltage output to be programmed by a 0 to 10 VDC signal. Two rear-panel analog outputs provide output voltage and current monitoring capabilities. These outputs drive up to 10 mA of current and have 1 ? output impedance.
* Installed Option: 01 (GPIB)
* Model Output Voltage (?) Max. Current: 50 VDC to 5 Kv; 5 mA
* Voltage set accuracy 0.01 % + 0.05 % of full scale
* Voltage display accuracy Vset accuracy ?1 V, typ. (?2 V, max.)
* Voltage resolution 1 V (set and display)
* Voltage limit range 0 to 100 % of full scale
* Voltage regulation 0.001 % for ?10 % line change
* 0.005 % for 100 % load change
* Specifications apply for >0.5 % (full load) to >1 % (no load) of full scale voltage.
* Output ripple (Vrms): 0.002 % of full scale
* Current limit range: 0 to 105 % of full scale
* ***Double Rack-Mounts included with multi-unit purchases***
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Stanford research PS350/01(2) w/19